About Chestnut & Grace Dog Food


Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is the creation of Husband and Wife team Chef John Nelson-Alden and Attorney Karen Munoz. John came in to the marriage with his two dogs Lui and Zoe who he had been cooking for since they were puppies. Shortly after the couple tied the knot they adopted a new member into their family, a rescue dog named JinJin. The two were making more and more dog food; friends and family with dogs who had tried samples kept coming back for more. It was clear they were on to something! After a great deal of research into dog nutrition and in-depth product testing conducted by an elite team of furry foodies, the first Chestnut & Grace menu was created. From there it was to the lab. All C&G menu items were analyzed by EPL Bioanalytical Services for their AAFCO Complete Nutrient Profile. The results were outstanding and C&G officially became a business. Since then we have introduced an entirely new and wholesome diet to an increasing number of dogs and their families. We at Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Company love all dogs, and look forward to introducing you and your dog to a whole new type of dog food.


Chestnut & Grace is a chef inspired gourmet dog food company based in Chicago, IL. Our recipes are slow-cooked in small batches, using only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. All of our gourmet dog food is personally prepared and custom packaged for your dog by co-founder Chef John in the state of the art Chestnut & Grace K9 Kitchen. Chef John brings to the table over 15 years of professional culinary experience in some of the world’s finest kitchens. We prepare every batch of our gourmet dog food using exclusively Induction Ranges & Immersion Circulators. These tools are usually only seen in the kitchens of gourmet restaurants, but they allow Chef John to exactly control the temperature and employ the sous vide cooking technique. This method allows us to slowly cook foods to the exact desired temperature while maintaining 100% nutrition losing nothing in the cooking process. All of our recipes contain NO: Gluten, Wheat, Corn, Soy, GMOs, or ANY INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA. The end result is a dog food that is truly gourmet and is unlike anything you or your dog have ever seen before.  Providing your dog variety, complete nutrition and a level of quality that is unparalleled by any other dog food. Plus, it is delivered to your door! Why not try it today?


John Nelson-AldenChef & Co-founder

Chef John got his first taste of professional cooking at the age of 16 at his best friend’s family’s Thai restaurant. He has been at it ever since. In his career John has worked in some of the best kitchens in the United States, Including: The MED, The Sky Room, Alinea and GT Fish & Oyster. John began to prepare food for dogs in 2002 when he adopted his first furry babies, litter mates Lui & Zoe. It was clear from the beginning that Lui was a bit finicky with food and had a very sensitive digestive system. After consulting a vet who suggested a very expensive prescription wet food… OR a bland diet of chicken and rice you could make at home, naturally Chef John chose to begin making the dog food himself. Since then John has continued to cook for Lui and Zoe, but has studied dog nutrition, dietary restrictions and common allergies. Armed with this knowledge Chef John has created the dishes that make up the Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Menu. John, his wife Karen and the whole team at C&G are extremely proud of the food coming out of our kitchen and are excited to share it with you and your canine family.

Karen MunozCEO & Co-Founder

Karen is a high profile Attorney, dog lover and certified yoga instructor. Karen runs a legal practice in downtown Chicago, contributes a regular column to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, does work with the Chicago Bar Association, teaches weekly yoga classes, and now she is a gourmet dog food entrepreneur. Needless to say, she is a renaissance woman. Karen became a lawyer because she wanted to help people who don’t have a voice. Karen became a yoga teacher because she wanted to share all the good the practice brought into her life with others. Karen believes we have a duty as human beings to share our passions with others. This is why Karen and her husband John are so excited to introduce the world to Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food, a company built on a passion for quality, wholesome nutrition and a love for dogs.