Chestnut & Grace Testimonials

Lupe P. & Asta Say:

We rescued Asta (mixed breed) last year, he was roaming the streets before he came to our home. When he arrived he was excessively licking himself raw & a picky eater.  A visit to the vet determined he had allergies.  It was trial and error for a few months with various brands, commercial & organic brands.  He was still having issues, vet fees piling up.   Low and behold Chestnut & Grace came into our life. Now, Asta brings his bowl to us promptly, loves his food, can't wait to eat.  He is the first to let us know if he hungry.  He no longer has allergies, weeping eyes or a picky eater.  He gets more hugs with his soft & shiny coat. We like knowing he is getting healthy & nutritional food.  There is no awful food odor like other dog foods on the market.  The price is reasonable. I highly recommend Chestnut & Grace, try it,  your dog will love you even more!   



Morgan R. & Buddy Say:

Grandma Zoe’s Country Gravy is my favorite part of my food time! I used to get a little bit of something out of can to go with my kibble, I ate it because... its food, but it was just ok. Once my humans started using Zoe’s gravy instead, I finally understood what was missing from my dinner! The smell! OMG the smell is so amazing. The taste! OMG the taste! I love it so much. I lick the spoon, I lick my bowl, and I lick my bowl again! I just can’t get enough!



Kay N. & Cracker Jack Say:

Hi! My name is Cracker Jack, and I am a very happy dog since my mom and dad started feeding me only Chestnut and Grace Gourmet Dog Food. My mom loves it because I get my food delivered to our door each week - frozen and pre-packaged in individual servings for two delicious meals a day. I love it because I get different food every day. Now meal time is never - ugh - that same old thing. It's fun to have a surprise in my bowl every meal. Some things I like better than others, and the dog lovers who make Chestnut and Grace will specialize a diet just for me! Imagine that. So if you want to find out how happy your dog can be, try a subscription to Chestnut and Grace Gourmet Dog Food. It's easy and convenient, and your dog will thank you. Woof-woof!