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How is Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food different than conventional dog food?
Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is different from every other brand in almost every way. Perhaps the only similarity may be that they are all intended to be served to dogs. The Chestnut & Grace K9 Kitchen operates more like a fine dining kitchen than a dog food factory. C&G uses only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. The pet food industry has become a dumping ground for the bi-products of the world’s meat producers. Things that you or I would never want to eat, look at, or even smell… We at Chestnut & Grace do not believe in feeding this garbage to any animals, let alone our dogs! All of our gourmet dog food contains no feed grade ingredients, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, GMOs, or ANY INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA. Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is a company built on a passion for quality, wholesome nutrition and a love for dogs.

How is Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Produced?
All of our gourmet dog food is personally prepared and custom packaged for your dog by co-founder Chef John in the state of the art Chestnut & Grace K9 Kitchen in Chicago, IL.  Our recipes are slow-cooked in small batches, using only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. We prepare every batch of our gourmet dog food using exclusively Induction Ranges & Immersion Circulators. These tools are usually only seen in the kitchens of gourmet restaurants, but they allow our kitchen to exactly control temperatures and employ the sous vide cooking technique. This method allows us to slowly cook foods to the exact desired temperature while maintaining 100% nutrition, losing nothing in the cooking process.

How can I purchase Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food?
Currently, Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is only available in the Chicagoland area for home delivery. On our website you can shop the C&G STORE and buy bulk packaged C&G food and treats, or save money and add a whole new level of convenience to the feeding experience by joining the C&G MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM.

We are working on the logistics of shipping our product nationwide. If you are outside of the Chicagoland area and are interested in Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food, please click here to join our MAILING LIST to receive updates.

Do Chestnut & Grace recipes contain any preservatives?
No, Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food does not contain any preservatives at all. Our preservation method is freezing. Once our recipes are complete, they are blast chilled, portioned, vacuum packaged and frozen. This preserves the foods nutrition, quality and freshness without any chemicals or gases.

Does Chestnut& Grace use any ingredients from China?
NO! WE DO NOT USE ANY INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA! This is one of our founding principles. Quite frankly, we are appalled by how many companies including many “elite” dog food brands who market themselves as “holistic” or “all-natural” are still using ingredients from China, being supplied by the same suppliers who were involved of the melamine disaster of 2007. Does your dog food use any ingredients from China? They make it difficult to find out, but sometimes companies make this information available in their FAQ section. We do not advise feeding your dog any food or treat or chew that is produced in or contains ingredients produced in China.

Does Chestnut& Grace use any GMO ingredients, are you Organic?
No. Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food does not use any GMO ingredients of any kind and we do strive to use certified organic ingredients when possible, but we cannot consistently source these ingredients through all seasons in a sustainable fashion. So, we are not 100% certified organic, but we do vow to be 100% GMO Free

Is Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food gluten free?
No, however, Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is entirely free of all wheat ingredients. The only gluten present in C&G food comes from barley. We have found barley and oats to be easily digestible even by dogs with sensitivities to wheat and other glutinous grains.

Does Chestnut& Grace use any soy?
No, Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food refuses to use any ingredients containing soy or cooked in soybean oil. The majority of experts on pet nutrition agree soy is not good nutrition for dogs. It is considered a low-quality, incomplete protein well known to create food allergies in dogs. Paired with the fact that 93% of the U.S. soybean crop is genetically modified makes for an absolute NO to soy products in the Chestnut & Grace K9 Kitchen.

Does Chestnut& Grace use any corn?
No, Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food does not use any ingredients that contain corn or are cooked in corn oil. Corn is not easily digestible and is known to create food allergies in dogs. Not to mention that 88% of the United States corn crop is genetically modified.

How is Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food delivered?
Chestnut & Grace operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles. Delivery dates will be confirmed with order confirmation. Members will receive shipments on a scheduled day once a week. Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is delivered cryovaced and frozen in refrigerated insulated packages to ensure food safety.

Is Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food more expensive than conventional dog food?
No! The truth is that Chestnut & Grace Members often pay less than customers of conventional brands. Check out this cost comparison chart and see for yourself how affordable the C&G Membership Program really is!








Brand: Product

20 LB Dog / Day

60 LB Dog / Day

100 LB Dog / Day



Wellness: Salmon, White Fish & Herring






Freshpet: Vital Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Eggs






Stella & Chewy's: Chicken






Nature's Variety: Instinct Raw Frozen Bites












Chestnut & Grace Monthly Membership






Chestnut & Grace 3 Month Membership






Chestnut & Grace 6 Month Membership






Chestnut & Grace Annual Membership





The calculations are based on: 20lb dog @ 533 kcal/day, 60lb dog @ 1,130 kcal/day, 100lb dog @ 1,715 kcal/day. Chestnut & Grace does its best to accurately reflect the costs of the brands contained in this chart, but depending on varying market prices, this may be subject to change and/or be revised by the other brands which are outside of Chestnut & Grace’s control.

Are your ingredients really that much better than other brands?
Yes! The reality is that many if not most of those who have branded themselves as “premium” brands DO contain feed grade ingredients that have been deemed unfit for human consumption and have been treated with chemicals like ammonia and others, then processed in to products to be used in dog food. WE DO NOT USE ANY FEED GRADE INGREDIENTS! At Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Company we use only the highest quality human grade ingredients that are treated and prepared with the utmost level of care throughout our cooking process.

How do I feed my dog Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food?
Our bulk packaged foods sold in the C&G STORE come labeled with specific feeding instructions and portion guide.

Our members receive all food in individual portion packs that are custom portioned to their dog’s unique nutritional requirements. Members receive an A.M. and P.M. pack for every day of the week. Feeding is as simple as opening the individual package and putting it on your doggy’s favorite dish. The C&G MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM has been designed to provide an unparalleled level of quality and convenience when it comes to feeding your dogs.

How do I store Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food?
Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food purchased in bulk packages from the C&G STORE should be stored frozen and thawed as needed.

C&G MEMBERS receive a week’s worth of individual portion packs shipped to their door on a weekly basis. Portions are frozen when delivered.

Does Chestnut & Grace offer samples?
Chestnut & Grace does not deliver samples. However, we participate in a wide variety of community events, where we do distribute Chestnut & Grace samples. Check our SCHEDULE for information on such events.

Does Chestnut & Grace offer coupons?
Yes! Chestnut & Grace does offer coupons periodically through our Mailing List, our Facebook Page, and distributed at community events.

Can Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food donate to my upcoming event?
Chestnut & Grace believes in giving back and helping out wherever possible. We, support a variety of non-profits and community events. We deal with every event and organization on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in contacting Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Company for a donation request, simply visit the Contact Us page, a C&G team member will get back to you as soon as possible.