How It Works


Membership provides many benefits to Chestnut & Grace customers. Members get to select between all seven of C&G's meal recipes to create the perfect customized rotation of dishes for their dog’s preferences or accommodate any food allergies. All recipes are cryovac packaged in 1 LB blocks. Members will receive a box containing 2 weeks or one month worth of their selection of the various C&G recipes delivered direct to their door monthly, or bi-monthly. We focus on providing our members unparalleled quality and convenience when it comes to feeding their canine companions.


Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food ships nationwide via UPS. Chicago metro area deliveries are fulfilled by our own delivery team. On our website you can shop the C&G STORE and buy C&G food and treats by the pound, or save money and add a whole new level of convenience to the feeding experience by joining the C&G MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM.




All Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food is prepared in the state of the art C&G kitchen in our hometown of Chicago, IL. Owning and operating our own production facility gives us full control over the quality and safety of the food we produce. This includes everything from sourcing our ingredients, formulation of our recipes, preparation of meat and produce, employee training, sanitation and pest control, facility maintenance, packaging, warehousing and distribution.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality and most wholesome dog food on the market. Food safety is our highest priority in the Chestnut & Grace K9 Kitchen. Chef John has implemented a HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) program in our kitchen. In the 1960's, the Pillsbury Corporation developed the HACCP control system with NASA to ensure food safety for the first manned space missions. Since then the program has been put into place in a wide variety of professional kitchens and food production facilities. HACCP is a comprehensive preventative program used to identify vulnerabilities and establish documented controls to alleviate any potential issue.