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  • Membership for a 71+ LB Dog

Membership for a 71+ LB Dog

What All is Included in the Weekly Chestnut & Grace Member Deliveries?

C&G membership takes care of all of your dog food and treat needs. Members receive a different one of our seven breakfast recipes and a different one of our seven dinner recipes for each day of the week, along with a weekly supply of training / reward treats, some snacks, seasonal goodies, and samples of new products etc.. Essentially, members get everything we offer, custom portioned to each member dog's individual nutritional requirements and delivered to their door once a week. Members can customize the rotation of the meals in the plan based on any dietary restrictions, food allergies by filling out the forms below.

Why Join The Chestnut & Grace Membership Plan?

Chestnut & Grace members experience huge savings and unparalleled convenience! Membership can be purchased in 4 different packages: 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month or Annual Membership. Our average member saves 33% compared to non-members who purchase the same diet by the pound in the Chestnut & Grace Store, however depending on the length of membership term savings can be over 50%.